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Travel Photos

Young Sumba Woman in Black Sarong

Tieing Threads for Warp Ikat Weaving (Sumba) - from Top

Marta with my Hat and Glasses

Sumba Women wearing Tubular Sarongs

Sumba Men in Traditional Textiles

Sumba Women Wearing Tortoise Hairpiece

Returning Warriors Dance (Sumba)

Sumba Objects - Wooden Bowl and Horn for Betel-Siri

Queen of Kanantang & Family

Sumba Women Dancing in Hinggi Kombu

Sumba Royal Princess

Supplementary Weft Backstrap Loom

Tieing Threads for Warp Ikat Weaving (Sumba)

Dika Donga Sisters

Gravestone in West Sumba

Sumba Raja (Waingapu, Sumba)

Dika Donga Family

White-centered Hinggi Kombu (northeastern Sumba)

Sumba Men on Horses

Sumba Raja (northeastern Sumba)

Sumba Man with Wooden Siri-Betel Box

Sumba Royalty (Rende, Sumba)


Women in Ceremonial Sarongs

Sumba Women Dressing Up in Sarongs from Flores

Sumba Objects - Tortoise Comb and Beads

Woman Preparing Siri-Betel Nut

Traditional Village in Sumba

Sumba Object - Beaded Bag

Sumba Women in Traditional Dress - Waiting to Dance

Old Sumba Photograph

Sumba Woman's Sarong with Shells and Beads

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