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Traditional Village in Sumba

This photograph shows a small traditional village in Sumba. The roofs are thatched and the floors are of ironwood. The outdoor verandahs are covered though quite extensive.
Inside, the fire place, where the cooking occurs, is located in the exact center of the square layout. The smoke rises and exits at the angular “point” at the top. The small enclosed area towards the top (where the smoke exits) is also where the household’s textiles are stored for safe-keeping. The textiles are wrapped or enclosed in thatch-based containers and bugs will not venture to the smoke-filled area.
It is difficult to pass off newly woven Sumba blankets as old if one is familiar with the soft, distinct smell that Sumba textiles achieve over a long period of time. It is not offensive, although one would think that a smoke-infused textile would be, but has a subtle, toned-down smell inherent with age.


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