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Type: ikat

Island: Sumba

Material: cotton

Condition: excellent

Circa: 1950

Size: 42" W x 100" L

Rare, BLACK-centered hinggi kombu pair; THIS REPRESENTS TWO TEXTILES and is a matched pair. Excellent condition, clean centers; ikat quality is average, employing horses; the horses are branded with DD; this textile was purchased directly from the daughters of the Dikka Donga family, who lived in Waingapu, Sumba; the Dikka Donga family was a wealthy Sumbanese family though not royalty; the theory is that since Dikka Donga could not wear a white-centered hingi kombu, he showed his status with a similar styled-hinggi, though dyed black; rare example - and even rarer to have the matched pair; fine hand, commercial cotton thread; finished bands


Price: $8,000

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